Interested in Oxford’s Unique Approach to Healing?

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Camp ABA

We are always trying to find new, innovative ways to make therapy more exciting for our ARTS™ Autism clients. Our newest program at Camp ABA reintroduces ABA therapy in a way that’s exciting and full of new activities like shelter building, camp craft, scavenger hunts, and more.

New Virtual Tour of Brighton Facility

We are Able Eyes Accessible! Our 360° Virtual Tour was made possible by Able Eyes, an organization whose virtual tours allow people to explore businesses in their community to help ease anxiety and become comfortable with their surroundings.

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An Integrative Healing Approach

The Oxford Recovery Model develops a targeted healing approach for each unique patient. We employ numerous therapies and healing modalities to treat a wide range of conditions.

Built on Cutting-Edge Research

The Oxford Recovery Center therapies are based on research published by leading medical professionals. We consistently survey top research publications and work to connect clients with knowledge. 

Your Recovery is Our Passion

Your healing is our top priority. Our staff works consistently to ensure that you receive the highest-quality care in a comfortable and positive environment. Our staff has proven the efficacy of the Oxford Recovery Model.


Interested in Oxford’s Unique Approach to Healing?

First Step is to Call Us at 248-486-3636 to learn more or schedule a no charge consultation.


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