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Are you concerned your child with autism

is not ready for traditional school?

During the school year, we offer ABA Academy, an insurance-covered ABA therapy program in a classroom setting designed to help children prepare for success in traditional school.

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Tailored Learning

Like all of Oxford’s programs, the ABA Academy curriculum is tailored to each student’s unique level of learning, with an emphasis on social interaction with other kids and their therapists.

Fun Environment

School doesn’t have to be sterile. We believe children with autism learn more and learn faster when in a fun environment.
Preparing children for success in school

About ABA Academy

ABA Academy is an insurance-covered ABA therapy program designed to simulate a traditional classroom environment. This helps prepare children with autism to be successful when they go to a traditional school.

Features of ABA Academy:

  • Insurance-covered ABA therapy in a classroom environment.
  • Builds classroom learning skills.
  • Builds social interaction and relationship skills.
  • ABA therapy and the classroom environment do not have to be sterile! We encourage fun.

Available in both Brighton and Troy.


Meet the new teacher

Mr. Steiner!

Hi, my name is Jake Steiner and I want to be your child’s teacher. I am excited to become part of your child’s therapy and education with the goal of preparing them to succeed in a traditional school environment. They may not be ready now, but our goal at ABA Academy is to prepare them for future success in school.
My many years of service for the Brighton Area Schools gives me a unique perspective into the environment they will face in school. As a special education teacher, I had to be a part of this great program. I have seen many kids with special needs struggle in school because they were not adequately prepared for success.
Throughout this coming school year, we will work on expose your child to a classroom environment. From the classroom to recess, we will help them understand the proper behavior for all the situations they will face. We will help them learn to make friends and learn a thing or two about science, math, and art too.
I earned a Master of Arts degree in special education and emotional impairment and a Bachelor of Arts degree from Michigan State University where I majored in English. Since 2016, I have served children with special needs in the Greater Detroit Metropolitan area, but it gives me great pleasure to serve your child. ABA Academy is a wonderful program, and I am passionate about preparing children with special needs to be successful in traditional school.
I look forward to getting to know you as parents who want the best for their children, as we work together to strategize new ways of synergizing your child’s therapies, nutrition, and well-being into a structured, supportive, and successful school day. I can’t wait to get to know your child’s strengths and talents as they learn new skills with us and grow.



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