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Are you concerned your child with autism

is not ready for traditional school?

During the school year, we offer ABA Academy, an insurance-covered ABA therapy program in a classroom setting designed to help children prepare for success in traditional school.

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Tailored Learning

Like all of Oxford’s programs, the ABA Academy curriculum is tailored to each student’s unique level of learning, with an emphasis on social interaction with other kids and their therapists.

Fun Environment

School doesn’t have to be sterile. We believe children with autism learn more and learn faster when in a fun environment.
Preparing children for success in school

About ABA Academy

ABA Academy is an insurance-covered ABA therapy program designed to simulate a traditional classroom environment. This helps prepare children with autism to be successful when they go to a traditional school.

Features of ABA Academy:

  • Insurance-covered ABA therapy in a classroom environment.
  • Builds classroom learning skills.
  • Builds social interaction and relationship skills.
  • ABA therapy and the classroom environment do not have to be sterile! We encourage fun.

Available in both Brighton and Troy.


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