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Camp ABA

Our Camp ABA program reintroduces ABA therapy in a way that’s exciting and full of new activities like shelter building, camp craft, scavenger hunts, and more. ABA doesn’t have to be sterile, and we want our clients to experience the communities around them.

During the school year, Camp ABA is transformed into a classroom with a special education teacher as a supplement or alternative option for traditional learning–a new and different way for children with autism or special needs to learn outside of public schooling.

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Reinventing ABA

ABA doesn’t have to be sterile.

Oxford Recovery Center is always looking for new ways to provide the best possible therapy for our clients. Camp ABA offers our clients the opportunity to receive traditional ABA with a twist. Kids can meet targets, develop skills, and practice modified behaviors doing new and fun activities like camp crafts, shelter building, flag pole, and more.

Like A Community

Camp ABA incorporates a natural environment of teaching methods. The kids feel like they’re at a summer camp, but they’re actually doing ABA therapy that reflects the communities and environments around us. Clients work one-on-one with a Behavior Technician and have the opportunity to play with other students their age.

Camp ABA Classroom

During the school year, we turn Camp ABA into a supplement or alternative option for traditional learning. We realize that families may be looking for new and different ways for children with autism or special needs to learn outside of public schooling.

In Michigan, parents have the ability to choose whether their child will attend public school or an educational alternative such as homeschooling, online/virtual schooling, or Camp ABA. This is why we turn Camp ABA into a state-of-the-art learning center that combines therapy with traditional learning in a new way.


Every child has an assigned Behavioral Therapist close by to intervene if they need attention, unlike a public school setting. 

In addition, we have a Special Education Teacher on staff to educate the children in a classroom setting with other kids and their therapists. Like all of Oxford’s programs, the Camp ABA curriculum is tailored to each student’s unique level of learning.


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