ARTS Program: Nutritional Coaching for Children With Autism

Attacks a Root Cause of Autistic Behavior

Studies have shown promising results in reducing Autistic Behavior through diet changes. As Children with Autism have been shown to often have gastrointestinal problems that can cause a child to have symptoms such as Diareah, these symptoms can also have an effect on behavior.

Individualized Meal Plans and Coaching

Every child is different and requires specific modifications to a diet plan. This can be a complicated process. That is why in the ARTS program every child will receive an individualized meal plan and one on one coaching through the process. This includes shopping lists, cooking lessons, meal prep advice, and more.

Based on lab testing

As part of the process of determining the best diet for a child with Autism, Oxford Recovery Center offers extensive laboratory testing to determine where the child is deficient and in what the child is in excess. With this lab testing, Oxford Recovery Center is able to help the patient receive a greater progress than would otherwise be possible.

Synergistic by Design

Oxford’s ARTS nutrition program for children with Autism is designed to work synergistically with the other therapies offered in the Oxford ARTS program. With this approach, the ARTS program is able to accomplish a greater sum of results than each therapy would be able to achieve individually.

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