TBIs (Traumatic Brain Injuries)

Hope for a Better Life after TBI

An integrative approach, combining multiple therapies, delivers the best results for TBI Recovery.

Past Clients Experienced the Following Benefits from Our TBI Program

  • Clearer speech

  • Increased mobility

  • Better memory, focus, and concentration

  • Improved mental function and clarity

  • Stabilizes mood changes and irregularities

    Click the video below to watch one of our past clients experience at our facility after his TBI!

Video Script

Rick, how has oxford recovery center affected your life? “Oxford Recovery Center has restored the quality in my life, which had been gone for many years.” What was your life like before you came here? “Dark, withdrawn, not sociable, my family, even my wife, said that she didn’t like me for eight and a half years and now it’s totally different.” Rick, what happened that brought you here and how long ago was that? “I had my second back surgery in March of this year, and I finally got permission to drive I was driving through town and I had seen your sign for years but didn’t know what it meant. I thought I’d pull in and so I met with, I forget who it was, and they showed me your brochure and I looked at the one side and I thought ‘boy this could really help, perhaps speed up my recovery’ and then I looked at the other side and I noticed the TBI and the anxiety, depression and all the other things – PTSD – and all the other things that I had been dealing with for over eight years.” So wait let me get this straight, you came in here because you were concerned about your back, “correct”, but you had a whole another issue that you didn’t even know we could help. ”You’re right.” So how long ago did you have, I know you got shot, how long ago was that? “That was the December the 11th, 2007 at 1:30 in the afternoon.” So you were shot in the head, “right”, basically left for dead. “Correct.” And for all of these years nobody has given you any hope. “No, none whatsoever. The PTSD group, the private groups, the VA, psychiatric care, the brain life center, I didn’t feel like I got any results from that. My wife says that she saw a difference but I didn’t feel it and neither did anybody else. But this has just changed my life entirely. Everybody I know has just- they can’t believe that this is me, and it’s the old me.” Well I find it as one of my best Christmas gifts to see rick again, coming in, and telling me that he got his life back. So thank you for sharing and Merry Christmas. “Merry Christmas to you and everybody here, you’ve all been such wonderful people and I can’t say enough good about you, I really can’t. I’ll be a friend for life.” Merry Christmas. “Merry Christmas”

Therapies at Oxford Recovery Center

Click on the links below to learn about the therapies offered at Oxford Recovery Center
Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Chamber

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT)

A specialized form of medical treatment administered by delivering 100% pure oxygen to the body through increased atmospheric pressure greater than 1.3 ATA. in an enclosed hard chamber.

Suit Therapy

Physical Therapy and Suit Therapy

The Oxford Recovery Center integrates conventional Physical Therapy and Suit Therapy programs to accelerate the development of new motor skills that strengthen muscles and teach the brain and body how to sit, stand, and walk.

qEEG Neurofeedback

QEEG/Neurofeedback with Real-time Brain Imaging

The Oxford Neurofeedback program evaluates brain activity patterns and teaches self-regulation of brain function through quantitative electroencephalography (qEEG). Also known as “brain mapping,” qEEG analyzes electrical patterns at the surface of the scalp.

Nutrition and Weight-Loss

Nutrition and Weight-Loss

The Oxford Nutrition and Weight-Loss Program approaches your nutritional needs in a personalized manner that caters to your needs.

Research and News

For more information about the research and news behind hyperbaric and TBI please click on the links below



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