At Oxford Recovery Center, we believe that most diseases are the result of two basic principles: deficiency and toxicity. Our physical bodies are the result of ~18,000 genes expressing and unfolding themselves into hormones, enzymes, and structural proteins since the very beginning of life. Our approach starts with analyzing genetic limitations called polymorphisms (genes that can have multiple forms) along with neurotransmitter levels (how well the body is relaying messages) and create a therapeutic plan, which is tailored around the results of the tests. We believe that nurturing DNA with the proper elements will give the body an opportunity to repair itself. Our approach is results-driven and based on a plethora of research.

What makes Oxford Recovery Center different?

Where traditional medicine ends, we are just getting started. Our genes are constantly expressing themselves. We have identified patterns in chronic disease that have not responded to traditional approaches. These patterns include problems with the body’s ability to detoxify, manage neurotransmitter production and breakdown, as well as muscular health and cellular repair. In short, we are looking for the root causes in every disease. These are often revealed in the body’s genetic blueprint. We then find solutions while we educate our patients about what exactly is happening.

What kind of testing we offer

Here at Oxford Recovery Center, we look at the individual’s genetic methylation pathways. Put simply, these pathways allow us to identify genetic variations that may lead to inflammation and disease. Our genetic makeup provides the clues for restoring balance and regeneration. We are targeting key genes, which are vital for processes like detoxification, cellular repair, and proper brain function. We also correlate these results with neurotransmitter levels (how well neurons are relaying messages) and create a detailed and customized plan for addressing the root causes.

How do we treat these genetic variations and neurotransmitter imbalances?

Just like fuel is required to run your car, humans require vitamins and nutrients for optimal genetic performance. Once we have a identified a patient’s key genes and how they function and a glimpse into their brain’s neurotransmission, we use specific nutrients as building blocks for genetic unfolding. This is precisely customized for each individual.

I’ve tried so many things. Why would this help?

Since Oxford Recovery Center uses a multi-faceted approach, we are able to converge our other cutting-edge technologies, such as Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy, Neurofeedback, Neurophysical/suit therapy, nutrition coaching, and applied behavior analysis. All of these therapies allow us to look at the healing aspect from every angle possible. The effect of multiple therapies working together is greater than the effects of them individually. This is how synergy works. When we correct deficiencies and remove toxicities, we can polish up rusty chemical reactions that occur naturally and help the reversal of disease. Most of us here at ORC have our own story of how disease has impacted our lives. Because of this, we are results-driven and as passionate as you are about restoring your health.