Neuro-Physical Therapy/Suit Therapy/Physical Therapy Jobs

Interested in joining the Oxford Recovery Center as a Physical Therapist/Physical Therapist Assistant/Physical Therapy Aid, please read the descriptions below
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Physical Therapist (Troy, MI & South Lyon, MI)

  • Oxford Recovery Center has created a very unique methodology including TheraSuit Method. The therapist work with their client one-on-one for three hour blocks daily. The therapy is client focused, not paperwork focused. You would be working with an experienced, amazing team of therapist. Method training will be provided; however, must have experience with pediatrics. The client usually has a neurological condition such as a child or adult with a diagnosis of cerebral palsy, TBI or stroke.
    • Intensive PT, 5 days/week, 3 hours/day per patient
    • Manual therapy skills
    • Neurostimulation
    • Integration of primitive reflexes
    • Use of Universal Exercise Unit and TheraSuit
    • Experience with adult neurological patients and pediatrics preferred

Director of Suit Therapy Training

  • Duties
    • Engage in continuing research and development of innovative treatment methods using the TheraSuit Method to improve the quality and usefulness of the program. Oversee and manage the operations of the TheraSuit Method training program from initial start-up to program execution. Direct the training of Physical Therapists with respect to the use of the TheraSuit Method. Conduct on-site consultations and program quality review in facilities using the TheraSuit Method. Participate in the development and implementation of new training courses for adult populations. Conduct seminars and presentations concerning the uses of the TheraSuit and how it can benefit sufferers of neuro-developmental disorders. Attend education seminars with respect to new developments in the field incorporating such developments into the physical therapy training regimen. Involvement in other educational, promotional, and marketing activities related to the TheraSuit Method. No clinical Physical Therapy work, treatment, or consultations with patients.
  • Minimum Requirements
    • Bachelor’s degree in Physical Therapy or its foreign equivalent + TheraSuit Method certification + 1 year of experience utilizing neurological physical therapy/rehabilitation methods, including TheraSuit Method.
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