Oxford Recovery Center is pleased to welcome Dr. Christian Bogner, who will act as the new medical director and will consult with patients seeking more integrative approaches to disease. Currently, he is expanding the autism, autoimmune and gastrointestinal programs, which will include consultation services and laboratory testing options. He seeks to integrate supplemental therapies, such as applied behavioral analysis (ABA), hyperbaric oxygen, neurofeedback, music therapy and nutritional solutions. 

Dr. Bogner is continuously striving to bring forth cutting-edge research for effective treatment options. Having lectured both nationally and internationally on autism spectrum disorders, Dr. Bogner’s goal is to optimize each affected individual’s path for recovery by integrating the latest research in this field of medicine. His commitment to healing through nutrition is exemplified by his accomplishment receiving his certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition from Cornell University.  His core interests are stem cell research, hyperbaric and phytocannabinoid therapeutics.

As the program and new center are launching in the first quarter of 2018, we welcome you to call us at 248-486-3636 or fill out the contact form below.