Rebecca Horning began working with children diagnosed with autism in 2014 as she was finishing her undergraduate degree at the University of Michigan-Flint. She instantly fell in love with these children and the work became a passion she’s pursued ever since.

Hired in April as a Behavior Technician, Becca was one of the first members of the ABA team at Oxford Recovery Center. With her easy smile and can-do attitude, she quickly became indispensable.  

Many mornings, Becca can be seen leading one of our beloved ABA clients by the hand or guiding their therapies. Kindness and gentleness radiate from her as she shares smiles and encouraging words with everyone she encounters.

“The kids love her,” says Director of ABA Casey Diskin. “She writes the best social stories.”

And while Becca shines in her role as Lead ABA Tech, her talents and contributions extend to other areas of the company. Soon after she began assisting previous Soaring Butterfly winner Andrew McMullen in Neurofeedback, becoming proficient in this healing modality. Unsatisfied with knowing the basics, she researched neurofeedback software and is arranging additional neurofeedback training for all ORC neurofeedback technicians.

When ORC began a complex upgrade to a new electronic health record system, Becca again stepped up. She single-handedly built the forms that allow for optimal record-keeping in the ABA center and in other areas of the company.

Becca’s propensity for getting things done, and getting them done right, is so well-known and appreciated, that the ABA team made her name a verb.

“Because she’s so organized and good at fixing things, when we need something done, we say it needs to be ‘Beccaed’,” explains Lead BCBA Alaina Voller. “We love her.”

Passionate, enthusiastic, and caring, Becca Horning is an example and inspiration to all of us at Oxford Recovery Center. She is the perfect individual to receive our Soaring Butterfly Award.

ORC’s Soaring Butterfly Award is given in recognition of an employee’s commitment to excellence, team effort, and exemplifying our core values.