Our Team

Your time and care is important to all of us at Oxford. Our family is here to make a pleasurable experience during your time here with us. They are well trained and you will have their full attention for every detail of the therapies.

CEO and Directors

Tami Peterson Ph.D.

Founder & CEO

Gary Marken, CHT

Executive Director of Operations

Christian Bogner, MD

Medical Director

Elizabeth Terry, RN, BSN

Director of Patient Care

Casey Diskin MA, BCBA

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Director

Natalia Iwanyckyj

Director of Nutrition and Nutrition Coach

Cheryl Wasilewski

Director of Marketing

Blake Powell

Executive Director of Special Projects

Bowen Geng, EMT-B

Director of Research, Hyperbaric Technician, Neurofeedback Technician

Physical Therapy, Suit Therapy, and the Reformer

Nico Pisanti

Director of Suit Therapy

Andrea Walker

Physical Therapist

Denise David

Physical Therapy and Reformer

Hyperbaric Technicians

Jack Coakley

Hyperbaric Technician

Estevan Osorio, EMT-B

Hyperbaric Technician

Alec Brice

Hyperbaric Technician

Cameron Schneider, EMT-B

Hyperbaric Technician

Blake Hague

Hyperbaric Technician

Guest Services

Annah Yokley

Administrative Assistant

Abigail Cave

Administrative Assistant

Karla Watson

Administrative Assistant

Neurofeedback Technicians

Andrew McMullen

Hyperbaric Technician, Neurofeedback Technician

Rebecca Horning

ABA Technician, Neurofeedback Technician

Applied Behavior Analysis

Alaina Voller


Jamie Tuman

ABA Technician

Saran Watts

ABA Technician

Ashly Waddington

ABA Technician

Kiara Wilson

ABA Technician

Tarin Gurunian

ABA Technician

Lexa VanDamme

ABA Technician


Melissa Borgman


Alyssa Marken



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