Dr. Christian Bogner, M.D.

Medical Director

Dr. Bogner is continuously striving to bring forth cutting-edge therapeutic options for his patients.

Having lectured both nationally and internationally on autism spectrum disorders as well as the clinical applications of hyperbaric oxygen therapy, Dr. Bogner’s goal is to optimize each affected individual’s path for recovery by integrating the latest research in genetics. His commitment to healing through nutrition and targeted nutraceutical supplementation is exemplified by his accomplishment receiving his certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition from Cornell University.

His primary interests are hyperbaric oxygen therapy, genetic signaling as well as high dose antioxidant therapeutics along with lifestyle modification counseling. Alongside his team of experts, he was instrumental in launching the Autism Recovery Thru Synergy (ARTS) programAs mainstream medicine slowly starts to recognize autism to be a neuroinflammatory condition, Dr. Bogner is implementing this vital realization into practice. Typical routine lab work often falls short of uncovering subtle abnormalities which can have a profound effect on health. Unless accurately addressed, this vicious cycle will continue to inhibit the various biochemical pathways necessary for proper neurological and immune function.

The medical consultation is offered for all conditions in all age groups. The same genetic and neuroendocrine principles applied reveal common pathways in various disease processes

Dr. Bogner joined the team at Oxford in 2018. He has four children, one affected with autism.