Jessica Watts

ABA Technician

Jess has always had a love for working with kids.  Back in 4th grade her school paired with a special education school across the street and she was able to participate in a buddy system through 8th grade.  It was life changing for her.  During her high school summer vacations, she babysat a 4 year old boy with autism and his 8 year old sister.  Special Ed was her major while she attended Western Michigan (way back in 1999), and slowly but surely life took its own path and she found herself in 2006 living in Orlando and working at one of the restaurants at a Walt Disney World Resort.  Little did she know that God had his own plan, and that is where she met her husband Adam.  In 2014 they moved to Michigan, her back home and him a native New Yorker residing in the mitten for the first time, to plan their wedding.  She began a 5 year career as a Patient Care Technician at a Novi hospital and began working towards becoming a nurse. She married her Adam on 05.29.15 and then the kindest person she knows was born 12.27.16 and they named her Olivia Grace.  Although she absolutely loved taking care of patients at the hospital, she decided to venture out and pursue a job in Applied Behavior Analysis at Oxford.  She had no idea that ORC would be the real opportunity she had, unknowingly, been searching and waiting for.  Beginning school in the fall she will work to finish her Bachelor’s Degree and continue on the path for her Master’s Degree as a BCBA. Her life is forever changed thanks to the opportunities Oxford has given her.  She is unbelievable blessed with her wonderful husband Adam, hilarious and incredible daughter Livie and their 8 year old fur baby Sawyer Miles.  Life is good.


2nd Quarter 2019 Soaring Butterfly Award Winner