What is Medical Consultation?

We are all unique, and therefore we believe that we cannot establish treatment regimens that fit an entire population—even if we share some of the same symptoms. The Medical Consultation program is designed specifically for each individual patient treated at our our center. 

The purpose of this 4-stage program is to learn more about the makeup of each person through different methods, such as genetic testing, so we can design a therapy program that includes diet and environmental changes, supplements to help your body heal, and other ways to combat the ailments that impact your health.

Getting Started: No-Fee Discovery Session

The first step for any new patient at Oxford Recovery Center is to schedule a no-fee Discovery Session. In this session, you will meet with our experienced nursing staff to discuss an overview of your medical history (i.e. conditions, symptoms, medications, etc.). Discovery Sessions are simply an initial consultation meant for our staff to get to know you and recommend the best possible care moving forward.

During the Discovery Session, our nursing staff may recommend our Medical Consultation program to find the underlying causes of symptoms and conditions and treat them with supplements, diet, and lifestyle changes. The details of the Medical Consultation program are listed below.

4 Stages of Medical Consultations & Treatment Plans

1. Initial Consultation

The initial consultation with our doctor is a 1-hour appointment meant for him to dive deep into the patient’s medical history (documented during the no-fee Discovery Session) with the patient.

The doctor’s review of the patient’s history from the Discovery Session allows him to research conditions and symptoms, curate the best questions to ask the patient, and recommend the best possible tests, additional therapies, and lifestyle changes for the patient.

2. Laboratory Testing

When a lab test is purchased at our facility, our staff provides a full explanation regarding how to complete the test and properly send it to the corresponding lab.

Oxford Recovery Center will receive the test results from the lab(s). Test results may take anywhere from 3-8 weeks to arrive.

Upon their arrival, the front desk will give the results to the doctor and contact the patient to schedule a follow-up, lab review consultation with the doctor.

3. Lab Review Consultation

The lab review consultation is another 1-hour appointment with the doctor in which he will review all lab results with the patient and answer any questions they may have.

The doctor thoroughly analyzes the lab results and makes recommendations for the patient regarding dietary changes, supplements, additional therapies, etc. These recommendations are curated specifically for the patient based on their individual test results and will work to correct underlying causes of symptoms and conditions.

4. Continuation of Care

After these initial consultations, the patient will likely have a list of supplements and lifestyle changes to implement. We are always available to our patients, and recommend scheduling follow-up appointments should the patient have questions regarding their supplements or the future of their recovery plan.

These additional appointments can be scheduled based on the doctor’s recommendations, or on an as-needed basis for the patient.

Please communicate with our front desk staff via phone or Patient Portal with any questions, to schedule these additional appointments, or for appointment, lab test, and supplement prices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can our doctor act as a primary care physician (PCP) for patients at Oxford Recovery Center?

Our doctor is a specialist and not a primary care physician, therefore he cannot act as a PCP for our patients.

Can I schedule one consultation with the doctor for more than one patient?

Our doctor typically takes at least one hour to fully review a patient’s condition(s), medical history, and test results, therefore one appointment is suited for one patient. If you need to review multiple patients’ records with the doctor, multiple appointments will be scheduled. 

Are all 4 stages of the Medical Consultation program required?

Yes, the stages of this program are designed for the best possible care for each patient. We believe that each patient’s story requires listening, learning, matching their history and lab results to symptoms, and providing the best possible plan for care and recovery moving forward. 

How can a patient contact the doctor?

If you are in need of assistance or advice from our doctor regarding your treatments, supplements, or condition, please use your Patient Portal account to send a confidential message to our office, or call our front desk at (248) 486-3636 to schedule a consultation.